Full Circle

Yesterday was the first book signing for The Roadway to Heaven. As I anxiously waited for people to arrive, I thought about how I had come full circle. 

This time last year I had just closed my store Vintage Charm Decor at the very same location as my book signing. My heart was broken, understandably so when we give up our dream, but I knew that God wanted me with my family more. The decision was easy to make. My family will always come first above all else. And even though the decision came easy, the loss of what I had worked so hard to build was still almost unbearable. 

God often calls us to do what something that will cause us pain. We don’t understand it at the time. We rant and cry out to God, begging Him to open up a door that leads us in the direction we want to go. Sometimes He does, but it only takes us longer to end up where He wanted us all along. I’m guilty of trying to take my own paths. Carve my own way through obstacles. Pushing forward, knowing there is a gigantic wall in my way. Never thinking to ask God if that wall is there for a reason. Asking Him if my path has been closed off because I’m supposed to be taking a detour on another one. 

I am reminded again of the Joanna Gaines story. She had to give up her dream to also stay home with her children. God promised her that He was leading her on to a better dream, and although it didn’t seem like it at the time, He did. 100 times over. Not only did she reopen that little shop she had to close to stay home with her children, He gave her a multimillion dollar business. 

Yesterday, I sat in front of that store that God too had urged me to let go, signing a book that would have never been written had I not listened to Him. God had led me down an alternate path, to end up exactly back to where that path had ended one year before. I don’t know if The Roadway to Heaven will someday be on the New York Bestseller List. But what I do know is that it has already encouraged the hundreds of people who have read it, and I couldn’t ask for anything better than that. 

Love & Blessings, 

C.C. Hasty Andrews 

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