Negative Feedback 

I knew The Roadway to Heaven would receive negative feedback. Last night was my first real experience in just how hateful those comments could be. My response was quick: defend my family. It wasn’t the right response. Hear me out…

One of my biggest pet peeves is when people use scripture as a weapon to judge others or point out someone’s supposedly sin. They pick and choose which scriptures justify their point but refuse to use the scripture in it’s entirely. Which is another reason I was quick to go on the defensive. However, for me to give in to this type of negativity by trying to prove them wrong only adds fuel to the fire and brings me down to their level. 

God reminded me this morning that I am not to call these people out who make negative and hateful comments.  He doesn’t need me to defend Him. Only He can change people’s minds and hearts. Since the beginning of our journey God asked me only to share our story, which I have done. He will take care of the rest. 

I’ve since learned that this person has suffered great tragedy in his life. Knowing that gives me a little more understanding as to why this person reacted the way he did. It was another reminder for me to not always judge people by their actions: good or bad. Everyone has a story. Events in their lives that have caused the beliefs and reactions they have. By debating with this person and trying to change his negative opinion, I was actually judging this person by his actions while not knowing the entirety of his story. I can’t act out of love and compassion when I am arguing to get my point across. I am not justifying his actions, only explaining why mine wasn’t the right one. 

And honestly, nothing good ever comes out of a place of anger, which is exactly where I was. 

I believe life is about lessons. God is constantly teaching us. Putting us in situations that will allow us to grow in our spiritual walk. I am definitely a work in progress. I’ve learned a valuable lesson in all of this.  I will no longer acknowledge other people’s negative responses about our journey as a family or in relation to The Roadway to Heaven. To do so takes away from my life and that of my family. It allows the devil to come in by causing anger and hostility. I refuse to let the devil win. 

And seriously, God doesn’t need little ole me taking up battles that He never equipped me to be in in the first place! 

Today I had one person tell me that our journey helped restore her faith, and another who said that my book has given her confidence to share her own testimony. To hear these comments lets me know that I am doing what God has called me to do and no amount of negative feedback can take that joy from me. 

Love & Blessings, 

C.C. Hasty Andrews 

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