The Book…

The true story of five brothers.

one car.

And a family forever changed.

Trapped in a wrecked car with three of his four brothers, six-year-old Jackson died for an instant. In that moment, the pain and fear of the crash were gone—replaced with love and hope. Jackson was in Heaven.

His mother, C. C. Hasty, knew nothing of this. She could only pray on the side of the road as paramedics rushed to save her children, life-flighting them to Nashville. All four brothers had serious injuries. Alex, the oldest, had broken his femur and partially amputated his arm. Jackson had a spinal injury that would paralyze him from the chest down.

Delve into the inspiring tale of one family’s determination to overcome tragedy, supported by friends, a passionate medical team, and their own faith. According to the doctors, Jackson will never walk again—but the last time he remembers walking, he was walking with Jesus.