Final, a New Beginning

via Daily Prompt: Final

The word final can seem so absolute and concrete. An ending. Over. Finished. Done.

But I tend to think of it as new beginnings. An ending paving the way for new things to come.

After the car accident, I felt like our lives would never be the same. And it wasn’t. It was a final chapter in our lives. Our son Jackson, only 6-years-old, would never walk again. It was an ending in the most absolute of ways.

Yet, it was also a beginning in so many others. A chance for our family to learn the true value of our blessings. To be thankful for all that we did have and to cherish the time we had together. We think of our lives in two stages. BW (Before the Wreck) and AW (After the Wreck). It is a time marker set in our family’s history forever.

But, we have a choice: to mourn all that our family lost and dwell on the fact that Jackson will never walk again, or… we can choose to live life the same way Jackson does, full of joy and happiness, cherishing every day as a new beginning.

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