Never Alone 

I was finally baptized today. I am not sure how I always managed to always miss my church baptisms. Maybe I was in the bathroom when it was announced, or I didn’t take the time to read the handout with monthly church activities posted. Inevitably, I somehow always missed it. Until today. 

A few weeks ago God put it on my heart to ask my pastor to baptize me. But isn’t that what baptism is? A covenant that we should seek instead of it being at a convenient time in our lives? It is up to us to purse Him. Yes, I once again missed the announcement somehow. But it wasn’t a coincidence that I was tagged in a Facebook post letting everyone know at our church that this Sunday would be a baptism service. God knew I was ready to seek Him and He opened the door to make it happen. 

As I was waiting for the baptisms begin, I felt very alone. My church family loved on me, of course. But I wanted my husband and my children there with me. This was one of the biggest moments of my life. Who would take a picture of this moment?!? Who would I talk to about what I was feeling after it was over? Then God whispered, “Me”. He reminded me that this was about my relationship and covenant with Him and Him alone. No matter what I go through in life, He is always there and I am never truly alone. All I can do is continue to love my family and be there for the important moments in their lives. Love them through actions. Yes, my heart was sad that they chose to not be there, but thankfully I have a Father who is always there. 

Love & blessings, 


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