Treating Him The Same 

This was on old crate froma factory in Nashville that I absolutely loved. I had huge plans of making it into a flower planter. Jackson, however, decided he needed to tear it apart with tools. He is going through a phase of wanting to build things and using his imagination to think of alternate uses for items. I definitely want to encourage this kind of learning in normal circumstances. My vintage crate had an intended use, and it definitely wasn’t meant to be broken into pieces.

Jackson hardly ever gets in trouble, but this morning I had to lecture him about respecting other people’s personal property. I explained to him that this was something that I loved and it can never be replaced. 

It has always been hard to discipline Jackson. When he was little he would look at me with his big blue eyes and say, “I sorry.” It is even more difficult now. And yet, it has to be done. Regardless of his circumstances, he still has to learn what acceptable behavior is. 

Had the culprit been one of our other boys, the punishment would have been more severe than a lecture.  Jacob would have been expected to know better. Joshua as well, but he is still at the age where he makes mistakes and does things without thinking of the consequences. With Jackson, a lecture was enough. With tears in his eyes, he apologized and sincerely meant it. 

One of these days, a lecture won’t be enough. He will grow older, come into puberty and all of the teenage drama that entails. Although disciplining him will still be difficult, I pray that I step up to the challenge. At the end of the day, regardless if he is in a wheelchair or not, I am responsible for teaching him. It is my job to make sure that his knows right from wrong, how to treat others, and always strives to be the best that he can be. 

As we always say, Jackson is the same now as he was before the car accident, he just gets around on wheels instead of two legs. That means treating him the same and having the same expectations as we do for all of our other boys. 

Love & blessings, 


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