Jesus is Real Y’all

I love my conversations with Jackson when it is just me and him in the truck. I never know just what we may talk about. Sometimes it is a funny story, others it is just a million questions as kids are subject to do.

Today, he talked to me about his trip to heaven.

I always knew there was more to share than he was ready to talk about the first time he told me he saw Jesus the day of the accident. Today he wanted to talk to me about the details of his trip.

He said that he went up the stairs to heaven. When he got towards the top he started to have a good feeling all over his body, and that is when he saw Jesus. Although he didn’t actually have to talk with his mouth, Jesus told him that he was going to be paralyzed but that he was going to be okay.

He also spoke about how in heaven you could instantly think of things but before you could finish the thought it appeared. Things were instant in heaven, and he knew immediately that being paralyzed meant him being in a wheelchair.

I believe there was more with the experience of “instant thoughts” that make things appear, but he isn’t ready to speak about it, and I don’t push him.  He will share it when he is ready.

He said that coming back to his body was also instant. He was in heaven one minute and he opened his eyes to the paramedics walking with him on the stretcher the next.

We then talked about how blessed he is that God gave him “another life” as he calls it. I am the one blessed, because I get to share my life with this awesome kid!

I am sharing Jackson’s story because I know this is something that God has asked me to do. I pray that his story touches others who need it. If someone was unsure about God and the truth of His word, I pray Jackson’s experience helps them to see just how good God is. If they feel alone, this helps them to know that they are never alone. There is a God who loves them and one day they will be reunited with lost loved ones.

Help me share Jackson’s story by sharing it with others. Tell it to your friends and family. Share it on Facebook and Twitter. Help others know that yes, there is a God and oh man He is GOOD!


Love and blessings,


2 thoughts on “Jesus is Real Y’all

  1. Jackson’s experience is very touching. I can only imagine. How sweet of our Savior to share this with Jackson and to let him know that he’s going to be okay. No matter the hardships he may face, he’s got Jesus direct word. That is something special to hang on to for sure! Thank you for sharing!

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